*Sprouting Health:

My (alea’s) health and nutrition counseling website. Perfect resource for both adults and children, as I have experience working with all age groups! Give it a visit and see what else I’m up to! ❤

*My New Roots:

Inspiring, simple, health supportive (and so yummy!) meals and stories from a Denmark based Holistic Nutritionist turned Chef from Canada, Sarah Britton.


Wonderful Reiki practitioner and movement artist in Philadelphia.

*Studio 34 Yoga:

West Philadelphia’s fantastic yoga studio (very Forrest yoga inspired), community natural health center, and they host events as well!

*Stitching Tentacles Productions:

“Multi-media fabulism & whimsy core puppet theater”…Geppetta is a Philadelphia based artist and curator creates eerily enchanting events that will bring your mind and soul to a place of wonder-lust.

*Sweet Freedom Bakery:

Delicious gluten free, vegan, and allergen free bakery based in Philadelphia.

*Wild Mountain Heart:

Heartthrob stylings, heartful rants, heart healthy recipes, and heart lifting inspirations, photography, and d.i.y projects…this mountain gal Jordan has got it together.


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