welcome to sprouting health! my new blog created to share and discuss everything in life that i (and you?) adore. gluten and allergy free baking, cooking healthy and whole foods, gettin in the dirt to grow those foods, stories for/about/by children, art projects for kids, DIY home experiments/beautification (shrine making), fermentation, string instruments and accordions, beats (and beets), puppets…dog walks and hikes…positive thinking…crafting. big time.

let’s talk about kindness, awareness, accountability, positivity, balance, and how to spread those good words. please.

hello, hello!



5 thoughts on “info

  1. Hi Alea! I am a friend of your mom’s…My name is Cate Lazen and I just launched a travel service that allows people with special dietary needs (GF, diabetic, organic, allergy free etc) and those committed to the sustainable/organic lifestyle travel more easily. I used to live in San Miguel de Allende Mexico– Travel + Leisure Mag’s #4 top 10 pick for world travel destinations—(now I’m back in SOuth Orange) and I am using my contacts and insider knowledge to provide custom catered trips down there and to other destinations in Peru and Ecuador. My business partner is the person that ran the trip your mom and I took together to the Galapagos Islands. She will provide the private/group guide services and tour itineraries. Want to go on Colibri Custom Catered Travel’s maiden voyage to San Miguel de Allende March 26th through April 2? Bring your mom? Every meal of every day will be prepared with 100% organic, seasonal, local, and GLUTEN FREE ingredients. Send me your email and I’ll send you the scoop.

  2. Hi Alea! Curious, the post you just put up with the juice, and said juice has a cool straw, where does said straw come from? Is it blown glass? Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Wendy- the straw is actually plastic i got it as a gift because i love straws so much…not sure where it is from. i have seen metal straws in stores as well…i would try searching on etsy.com for them? good luck! would love to hear your results!

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