I need to play catch up with the blog. This past summer was spent gardening and cooking with youth from NYC to experience my perfect world: farm life and country livin! All in the heart of the Catskills.

We planted from seed, harvested, explores bigger meanings of permaculture, created, cooked health supportive meals, hiked, scooped cow poop, cared for baby bunnies, bottlefed sheep, learned from one another, shared a little bit of our hearts, and made lasting friendships. I was, and continue to be, in awe of how amazing these young individuals are. What a lucky experience!

This is our 4th garden bed ( called ” bed rock” 🙂 we has basil, beans, pac choi, sunflowers, rainbow chard, kale, pattypan squash… And some I forgot! All planted from Hudson valley seed library seeds by the hands of our campers!

and then… we ate it…

To learn more visit: http://www.stevescamp.org


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