the past week has flown by, keeping up with the hustle and bustle at the bakery, starting to see clients as a holistic health counselor, friends visiting, a few new fresh recipes, hiking, and trying to spend every non-working moment out in the fabulous weather.

feeling completely over-stimulated and exhausted, i’ve decided to share a few of my favorite things i caught pictures of this past week in efforts to concentrate on lovely, positive things. please understand, sometimes you cannot get a picture of a particular smell, or sound…or even of an adorable roll-y bug… or the amazing rush you have after your first bike ride since a pretty nasty fall-turned-injury in october (it happened! i rode a whole 10 minutes!).

but i was able to get some pictures of some pretty rad stuff this past week.

1) urban outfitters HQ, navy yard philadelphia. —I got to go represent Sweet Freedom in a health and wellness fair on valentines day withย  my boss. the building was AMAZING, and the navy yard was beautiful. the colors inside popped all over the place…not to mention the huge indoor houseplant jungle…oh, and the boats are massive. so cool.

2) sweet freedom bakery, philadelphia— which pandora station to put on today? hmmm…new kids on the block? florence and the machine? regina spektor?…or can i try to sneak abba and see who notices…here’s to some of the best co-workers: killin it at the bakery on sunday!

3) ikea, south philadelphia.—ok, the radical in me is really embarrassed to admit that i LOVE walking through ikea. every room looks so comfortable and put together… and the kitchen organization actually made me squeal at one point. my taste in decorating is much more eccentric and “found” looking (because, most of it actually is found) but the balance, simplicity, and organizational genius of this room really got me going. plus, what a great color!

4) my kitchen, philly. — following the “green” theme…a set up for a fresh and delicious Green Amaranth Salad. Green apple, pear, fennel, cucumber, parsley, and avocado tossed with cooked amaranth grain dressed with sweet rice vinegar, flax oil, and fresh pepper. so yummy and pretty, and the sweet tangyness of the rice vinny, alongside a healthy dose of green veggies, help curb my sweet-tooth at the bakery. whoop! sneak recipe!

5) my bedroom, philly. – this is my beloved table jungle. tons of candles and all of my darling plants. including that aloe plant on the left…i’ve grown from seed and it is my big ol’ baby! actually…it has babies now…eee!…aloe infant anyone? …wait…do you sense Sprouting Health’s first blog giveaway?


yes! yes you do!

Sprouting Health’s Aloe Baby Giveaway!

(for people close enough for hand delivery…sorry my far-away-friends…next time!)

ok, here’s the deal! leave me a comment with the name that you would bestow upon the beautiful baby aloe plant.

and as you may know, aloe plants are wonderful healers (as well as digestive helpers ๐Ÿ™‚ and work as nature’s cut/scrape/burn healing wonder. this could all be yours…beautiful new baby! mazel tov!

now, go! find beautiful things! share them with people you love, like, kinda enjoy, or just met! and enter the contest, even if you don’t live here…go!


7 thoughts on “such wonderful things

  1. This post is absolutely beautiful and inspiring my friend! Thank you for sharing all of those things, that picture of us at the bakery is worth at least a million words. Much love ๐Ÿ™‚

    I would name the baby aloe plant: Alea (spelled hopefully the correct way!) so that each day I would have a reminder of the beautiful things in life and I would have comfort/support for life’s little cuts and bruises ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. so many colors, so much sunshine! green thangs. green thumb. i would name that sweet little biddy tennessee because it would remind me of sunshine & warmth and sugary drawls, bbq and friendliness and other things you’ve taught me.

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